Press Release


Information & Public Relations Department

Date: 20-Nov-2023
Gangtok, Nov 20 (IPR): Chief Minister Mr Prem Singh Tamang felicitated the recently crowned Miss Gurung International (Season 5) and four other participants who achieved notable subtitles in the prestigious pageantry recently held in Kathmandu.
The felicitation programme, hosted by the Chief Minister's Office at Samman Bhawan today, celebrated the victory of Ms Jerina Gurung as the crowned winner of Miss Gurung International (Season 5). The event also honoured other titleholders in the pageantry, including Ms Kareena Gurung as the 2nd runner-up, Ms Poonam Gurung for Miss Best Hair, Ms Anamika Gurung for Miss Popular and Miss Intellectual, and Ms Sneha Gurung for Miss Photogenic.
In his heartfelt congratulatory speech, the Chief Minister expressed immense pride in the accomplishments of the five talented daughters of Sikkim in the Miss Gurung International (Season 5) pageantry who brought honour and recognition to the State on an international stage. He acknowledged the hard work, dedication, and talent displayed by the participants throughout the pageantry, highlighting the positive impact their success has on the image of Sikkim.
He said that the accolades bestowed upon them for their participation in Miss Gurung International mark just the first stepping milestone of success. He encouraged the contestants and all young women to persevere and never give up on their aspirations. He underscored the importance of rising above adversities, stating that social status should never be a hindrance to progress.
The Chief Minister also touched upon the significance of promoting women empowerment and applauded the Miss Gurung International titleholders for serving as inspirational figures for young women in the State. He assured that the State government stands unwaveringly with them, ready to support and facilitate their journey towards greater achievements.
The Chief Minister extended gratitude to Gurung Association of Sikkim (GuRAS) and All Sikkim Gurung (Tamu) Buddhist Association (ASTBA) for their encouragement and steadfast support extended to the contestants. He emphasised the collaborative efforts of the associations as instrumental in the success of Sikkim's representation in the Miss Gurung International pageantry while recognising the organisations' commitment to fostering talent and preserving the cultural richness of Sikkim.
He further acknowledged the efforts of everyone involved in grooming and supporting the contestants, including families, mentors, and the community at large.
Recognizing the cultural significance of the Gurung community within the State, he stressed the importance of preserving and promoting their language as an integral part of Sikkim's cultural heritage. He encouraged educational institutions, community organisations, and individuals to take proactive measures to support initiatives that promote Gurung language learning.
The Chief Minister acknowledged the importance of constructive dialogue and collaboration to meet the needs and aspirations of the Gurung community. He expressed the State government's commitment to working closely with the concerned associations to implement effective solutions and address the outlined concerns promptly.
Mr PM Gurung, President, GuRAS, expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister for encouraging aspiring talents and attributed the success of empowering programmes in the State to the transformative impact of the Chief Minister's vision, not only in recognizing and nurturing talent but also in instilling confidence and a sense of purpose among the youth.
Highlighting several initiatives undertaken by the State government that directly contribute to the well-being of the Gurung community, the GuRAS President extended gratitude for the State government's commitment to the overall progress and upliftment of the Gurung community. He also articulated some demands and concerns on behalf of the Gurung community, to which the Chief Minister has assured that the presented demands would be thoroughly addressed by the government.
The programme was also addressed by Mr DK Gurung, President, ASTBA, who spoke about the significance of unity as a catalyst for community progress and development. He stated that a united Gurung community not only strengthens its cultural fabric but also enhances its collective ability to address challenges and seize opportunities.
The ASTBA President further outlined the role of organisations like ASTBA and GuRAS in promoting unity and solidarity within the Gurung community and urged all to embrace their shared identity while appreciating the unique contributions each individual brings.
During the programme, the five Sikkimese contestants of Miss Gurung International (Season 5) took the opportunity to vividly recount and share their individual experiences. Each contestant provided detailed narratives, offering a glimpse into their personal journeys, challenges overcome, and the lessons learnt. They shared anecdotes that reflected not only their preparation for the event but also the profound impact it had on their personal growth.
In their expressions of thanks to the Chief Minister, the contestants acknowledged the pivotal role of the State government in fostering an environment conducive to their success.
The programme had the presence of Madam Krishna Rai, Mr Rohit Raj Gurung, Advisor to HCM, Ms Tila Devi Gurung, Zilla Adhyaksha, Soreng, members of GuRAS and ASTBA and various individuals representing the Gurung community from all six districts.
Earlier, the welcome address was delivered by Mr SD Dhakal, Secretary, CMO