Press Release

District meeting on Nikshay Mitra held

Information & Public Relations Department

Date: 23-Nov-2022
DC Gyalshing chaired a meeting on the Nikshay Mitra today for taking stock of the progress on the scheme.
The meeting was attended by CMO Gyalshing Dr. Bikash Pradhan, Distt TB Officer Ms. S Rai, Representative of Micro Labs, NGO representatives of Nawadeep Club, Khechopelri, Bhavishya Bharat Dentam and Lama Gaon Samaj, Gyalshing. The scheme, being implemented by Health deptt for complete elimination of Tuberculosis has on board Pharma companies of Sikkim for funding the food basket (nutritional supplements) of TB patients.
DC Gyalshing instructed all present for close coordination in terms of delivering the food baskets to patients and that updates on the progress be given regularly. She called upon the NGOs to not only act as the delivery agents but also play a crucial role in sensitising and motivating the patients to consume the nutritional supplements seriously as the health of any village determines the health position of the entire district.
She also thanked Microlabs Pharmaceutical Company for mobilising CSR fund for Tuberculosis patients of Gyalshing District. She highlighted on the urgent need to reach the TB elimination target set by the GOI to end TB by 2025.CMO & DTO discussed with the NGOs regarding the mechanism to be put into effect to ensure that TB patients receive nutritional support on time, in stipulated amount and nutritious in nature.
The meeting ended with vote of thanks to the chair.