Press Release


Information & Public Relations Department

Date: 21-Nov-2023
Namchi, 21 November (IPR) : A monthly meeting on Narco Coordination (NCORD)of Namchi District was held at the chamber of District Magistrate, Namchi, today.
The meeting was presided over by Sy. SP Dr. T N Gyatsho. Also present during the meeting were Mr Gopal Kumar Chettri SDM (HQ), Dr. S N Adhikari CMO Namchi, Mr D P Lama MEO Namchi and officers from the concerned department.
The NCORD monthly meeting was convened to address pressing issues and challenges within the district.
Sy. SP Dr. T N Gyatsho led the discussions, highlighting the challenges faced by the district in combating narcotic-related issues.
The meeting provided a platform for officers to share insights and propose strategic solutions to tackle the growing concerns.
Special attention was given to fostering awareness programs on NCORD, set to be implemented across the district by the Namchi Municipal Council (NMC) in collaboration with relevant departments.
Report from DIO Namchi