Sikkim Legislative Assembly
department-image An Overview
Sikkim became the 22nd State of India Vide Constitution(36th Amendment) Act 1975. The Act provides that the Legislative Assembly of Sikkim shall consist of not less than thirty two members and that the Assembly of Sikkim formed as a result of the elections held in Sikkim in April, 1974 with 32 members elected in the said elections (hereinafter referred to as the sitting members) shall be deemed to be the legislative Assembly of the State of Sikkim duly constituted under the Constitution."

 Sikkim is situated at the North East of the union and has a geographical area of 7096 kms only having a population of 5 lakhs and 40 thousand. It was a tiny Himalayan kingdom once ruled by the hereditary monarchy for about 3 centuries from 17 century A.D. In 1950 the kingdom became a protectorate of the Government of India vested with autonomy in its internal affairs while its defence, communications and external relation under the responsibility of the protector .The kingdom finally opted to become full fledged State of the Indian Union with effect from 26 April, 1975 vide the Constitution 36th Amendment Act 1975 with special provision laid for the State under article 371(F) of the Constitution of India.