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Approval and Allocation of funds for MDZP Mangan

Date: 11-Jul-2024
Mangan, July 11 (IPR): DC Mangan, Mr. Anant Jain (IAS) chaired a coordination meeting of Zilla Panchayat members to discuss, allocate, and approve funds under the 5th SFC and 15th CFC at the MDZP conference hall in Pentok, today.
The programme was attended by Zilla Adhakshya Mr. Kado Lepcha, Up-Adhakshya Ms. Sonam Kipa Bhutia, DPO Zilla Mr. Karma, DE MDZP Mr. R. D. Lepcha, Senior Accountant Mr. Dup Tshering, AE MDZP Mr. Karma Sonam Bhutia, US MDZP Ms. Nima Doma Sherpa, Zilla Panchayats of the district and MDZP staff.
DE MDZP presented a detailed report on the ongoing physical and financial status of the SFC and CFC schemes.
Addressing the gathering, DC Mangan expressed his gratitude to all the Zilla members for their efforts and suggested they utilise the allocated funds to construct model assets for their respective GPUs as a remembrance of their tenure and for the welfare of the district.
Adhakshya Mr Kado Lepcha congratulated the members on successfully concluding the session, commending their collective effort and urging them to continue working diligently for the district's public.
Up-Adhakshya Ms Sonam Kipa Bhutia also addressed the gathering, celebrating the successful sanctioning and allocation of funds, and suggested that the Zilla Panchayat members collaborate to construct assets that would further assist in providing quality services to the general public.
Thereafter, DC Mangan administered the Nasha Mukti Bharat pledge, emphasising the importance of a drug-free society for the well-being of the community.