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Clean Toilets Campaign

Date: 28-Nov-2023
The Swachh Bharat Mission (U) under Urban Development Department launched the “Clean Toilet Campaign “on 26th Nov 2023 to promote awareness among all the citizens to participate in making the public toilets of our community clean and functional. The campaign is an initiative of the Ministry of Housing Affairs to commemorate the World Toilet Day which was on Nov 19 and will run till Dec 25.
The main focus of the campaign is on repairing and cleaning all the toilets of the community ensuring that they are not only routinely cleaned but also are functional. Citizens are encouraged to lodge any kind of complaint from the QR scanner code placed on the entrance of the toilets. The citizens are urged to join hands in maintaining the public toilets by keeping it clean and reporting about any malfunction to ensure timely attention which would go a long way in making the toilets clean and functional always.
The official hash tag for the campaign is #CleanToiletsCampaign.